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My introduction to the work of Sebastián Margulis was personal. He showed me a series of his drawings in Madrid in 2012.
Individual works were incredibly striking, but it was the cumulative effect of the force of the work that really shifted me.

The relationship between a figure struggling with the physical and emotional weight of life and a spiritual entity perhaps grounded
by it’s sensitivity to that weight; by it’s connection to the often grotesque experience of mortal existence.

The living figures in the realm of this masterful draughtsman are connected, but their isolation is profound, even in potentially tender moments.
Their vulnerability, as in the frightening grip of baptism, can be felt. It is horror. The control held over the son is deeply painful.

Blood, real blood, in charcoal strokes.
Life, harsh life, in these pictures from the bleak side.
No compromise. A mission. Few grace notes. An absence of trust.
The music of this universe can tear you open.
How did it come to this?

Text: Gary Lewis
Scottish actor, known for his perfomances in Billy Elliot, Gangs of New York, Eragon and Three and Out; among others.