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I was born in Buenos Aires on December 10, 1964. My passion for drawing begins at the age of five. I begin my studies in the Círculo de Bellas Artes, and in the workshop of the painter Carlos Fels. After a brief passage through the sculpture I turn to drawing and painting. Framed in what we could call figurative expressionism with mixed techniques.


2017 – Allers -Retours – Individual Opening Exhibition, Gallery
On-Off-Studio París.

2016 – Univerzoo2 –  Individual Opening  Exhibition, Maison de l´Argentine Cité internationale universitaire de París.

2013 – Univerzoo –  Individual Opening  Exhibition, Modern Art
Center  – Gallery – Drawings and Paintings (Madrid-Spain)

2009 – Individual Opening Exhibition, Coco-Mat Gallery – Drawings and
Paintings (Madrid-Spain)

2007 – Individual Painting Exhibition, “Nest Space”,  Madrid

2006 – Art Drawings and Painting Exhibition, “Casa Prestada Gallery”,

1994  – Started experimenting in Digital Art and various techniques.

1982  – “The city and its art“ Art drawings exhibition, “Teatro General
San Martín”.

Institute of Education Cooperation “El Hogar Obrero,

1984  –  Exhibition of Art. Collages, Del Pasaje Gallery.


1998 – First prize in the competition of graphical humor Argentine Society of Fine Arts.

1985 – Honorable mention by the Argentine Society Fine Arts.

1983 – Honorable mention granted by the Association of “Amigos de Avenida de Mayo”.

First Award in drawing from the First Erotic Exhibition of Art Del Pasaje Gallery.

Honorable mention of drawing. Argentine Society of Fine Arts. Gallery of little size.

Honorable mention of drawing. Springtime show, Argentine Society of Fine Arts.

Second prize in collage from the regional studio of “Municipalidad de San Martín”.



2015 – OpenStudio 2015 Madrid

2011 – collective exhibition “La fresh Gallery”

2005 – Contribute to the XXIII Penagos Prize drawing.

2003 – “Mestizos”, itinerant exhibition of Fine Arts, European Design
Institute (Madrid-Spain)

1999 – SIGGRAPH, First  national competition of digital painting
Museum of Fine Arts, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

1997 – Architecture Biennial Festival.
First Argentinian Exhibition of digital painting at the Borges
Cultural Center.

1987 – Annual collective exhibition in the Argentine Society of Fine Arts.

1985-86    “Exhibition of Joung Art” in the Mariano Moreno Cultural

1985 –  Opening  Exhibition 60 Anniversary, Argentine Society
of Fine Arts.
Intermunicipal Studio of Fine Arts, Municipalidad General San

Exposition of workshops, Association attraction of “Bellas Artes”
Gallery “Ernesto de la Cárcova”.

1984   First Erotic  Exhibition of Art, Del Pasaje Gallery.

Participation in the Fifth Drawing Exhibits at Ward College, Buenos
Aires, Argentina.

Collective exhibition of Argentine Artists, Temple Gallery.

Coca-Cola in art and science, “ Teatro General San Martín”.

Springtime Art Exhibition of the Argentine Society of Fine Arts.